What To Do About Vertigo

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is when sudden movements of the head or body makes you feel as if you are spinning or the room is spinning and you need to grab on to something or sit down in order to recover. This disorienting experience can be quite frightening, you feel as if you’re losing control.

Most people visit their M.D. at this point and are diagnosed with either an inner ear infection or a loose “ear crystal” or otolith, a part of the inner ear that allows people to know which way is up, even in a dark room or when floating in a pool. The theory is that the “ear crystal” can be jarred loose and that it then lays down on the sensitive cilia causing disorientation.

If you experience recurring episodes of Vertigo you may need Brain Based Therapy in order to restore normal brain firing.

Patients reporting Vertigo are given a thorough neurological evauluation: we check eye movements, balance, coordination of movements, fluttering of the eyelids, check for hearing loss which can be symptomatic of other illnesses, bone conduction, air conduction and many other tests.

We also seek to rule out metabolic, pituitary, thyroid and blood sugar handling problems that are often missed in routine blood tests. We believe in sufficient diagnosis. Often not enough questions are asked of patients and as a result Doctors resort to pharmaceuticals like Antivert or Dramamine to deal with the symptoms instead of dealing with root causes.

Treatment may involve EWOT or Excercise With Oxygen Therapy which drives oxygen in to the body to promote efficient bodily function and healing; Epley’s Maneuver, a therapeutic series of head positioning by your Doctor; Warm Calorics, where 60ml to 300ml of warm water are placed in the ear canal over time to stimulate the brain.

The goal is to reset the brain, to restore normal function in the body and to eliminate the symptoms of vertigo.

Many vertigo patients have already been to their Ear, Nose and Throat specialist or their M.D. and had MRI’s or CAT scans and yet are still suffering. We have a great record of treating vertigo with many patients experiencing extended periods without symptoms. As with many chronic conditions it is if vertigo is treated early. Don’t wait for more than 6 months to 1 year before seeking treatment as the brain can actually be scarred, damaged making recovery just that much more difficult.

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