Spinal Stenosis

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Spinal Stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal through which spinal cord travels. It is a buildup of bone, a calification of the deteriorating disc that pushes in to the canal causing problems. With the passage of time what was once a slight injury can now become a chronic issue causing a pinching of the nerve which can lead to persistent pain in the buttocks, limping, lack of sensation in the lower extremities, a decrease physical activity and quality of life.

The most common type is degenerative stenosis. Over a person’s lifetime degenerative stenosis can cause narrowing that results in the compression of spinal nerves and nerve roots, causing all of the various of symptoms. Less common is congenital lumbar stenosis which usually strikes at younger ages. It is an “equal opportunity” condition with no links to sex, race, or ethnicity; nor occupation or any particular body type.

It generally proceeds from the the point of origin in a radicular pattern, either starting in the lumbar or lower back region and radiating out in to the hip, thigh, calf and foot or from the middle to upper back and radiating in to the shoulders, arms and hands. Both sides of the body can be involved.

Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis in Fountain Valley CA can also include a burning sensation, numbness, weakness, loss of sensation, stabbing sharp pains, throbbing “toothache” like pain. These symptoms can come and go and usually progress from occasional pain to frequent and severe pain.

We diagnose Spinal Stenosis with a combination of X-rays, MRI’s, comprehensive evaluation before treatment begins and a working diagnosis once treatment has begun and a patients condition changes.

Our treatments for can include spinal decompression to create a negative pressure and allow blood and nutrients to flow in to the area in order to promote healing. We also use the ATM-2, an Active Training Machine.

Many back problems initiate what is known as a “guarding mechanism” in the body where it attempts to protect itself by limiting the range of motion through the abrupt, and unfortunately debilitating, contraction of muscles. This spasm, or shortening of muscles, immobilizes the afflicted area. In these severe cases the muscles will need to be rehabilitated in order to relax/calm them and bring them out of this heightened response state.

Spinal Stenosis is unfortunately all to common among older people and we often see a progressive worsening after traumas such as automobile accidents and falls.

If your symptoms lead you to suspect that you are suffering from spinal stenosis please feel free to contact Valentine Chiropractic.


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