Fibromyalgia is one of the most mis-diagnosed conditions to ever exist.

Fibromyalgia usually presents itself as multiple areas of pain, typically in the spine, neck, mid-back/lower back or joints. It varies in pain intensity level and duration depending upon how much the condition has progressed. In addtion, Fibromyalgia patients often suffer from what is known as “fibro-fog”: an inability to concentrate/focus, insomnia and memory problems. Many people experience recurring flareups of various magnitudes and durations. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Epstein Barr are commonly co-occurring with Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia sometimes takes years to be diagnosed and it is usually diagnosed by a rheumatologist. It is generally treated symptomatically with painkillers, antidepressants, drugs like Lyrica™, anti-seizure medications like Topamax™, Neurontin™. As mentioned these drugs don’t address the root causes of Fibromyalgia and are only masking the symptoms.

Many times Fibromyalgia patients come to us when they have run out of treatment options, they come to us as a last resort. We are happy to have Brain Based Therapy with its Whole Body Protocol designed to identify and address their issues and help them regain their health. Being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia should not mean that you are sentenced to suffer.

We start with a thorough examination to see if there is a concurring diagnosis. We need to make sure that we can be of help. Early detection is essential as we have had patients arrive already wheelchair-bound.

Our investigative process begins initially with determining if there are any dietary triggers present: gluten, corn, milk, soy, diets high in processed foods, sugar and known allergens seem to be a causative factor. Specialized metabolic testing is many times necessary to identify underlying auto-immune repsonses, inflammatory process, heavy metal toxicity or underlying low-grade infection.

We may also recommend an appropriate exercise program based on the individual, one that doesn’t aggravate the condition. This may include stretching exercises, yoga, exercises with low impact and low intensity, the simple basics. Pacing of recovery exercise programs is important so as not to inflame or exacerbate the problem.


It is possible, with the combination of dietary, exercise programs and Brain-Based Therapy to put Fibromyalgia in to remission. A complete cure, while ideal, is completely dependent upon one’s body’s ability to heal itself and this can have been compromised depending upon the duration of the illness. While we have seen substantial remissions, in the range of 25 to 50% return of quality of life, a 75% remission would be amazing and 100% is always our goal. Our treatment seeks to maximize your remission and return you the greatest possible quality of life.

When treating Fibromyalgia we seek to address the most debilitating symptoms first in order to maximize the results and return the largest quality of life gains. Treatment begins with blood labs, careful interviews and questionnaires to determine the proper course of action. Depending upon your symptoms you will be recommended a course of dietary supplements, Brain Based Therapy or a customized treatment regime.

As with other chronic conditions Fibromyalgia is best caught early because younger people’s body are in a better condition to both heal and fight off a relapse. In this case the restoration of normal brain function is the missing link towards enjoying a normal life, feeling well enough to drive and play with your kids.

If your symptoms indicate that you might be suffering from fibromyalgia in Fountain Valley CA and you’d like to try Brain-Based Therapy to treat it please call Valentine Chiropractic to schedule an appointment.


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