Dealing With A Disc Injury

Degenerative Disc Problems in Fountain Valley CA result from the thinning of the disc, the actual drying out and collapsing of the disc when its lost its ability to cushion, to act as the spongy shock absorber it was designed to be.

Bulging discs is when through shock or some other injury the disc protrudes beyond its normal parameters and in to a nerve causing pain, numbness and tingling.


Herniation of a disc occurs when a small part of the disc’s soft, gelatinous central portion, or nucleus pulposus, is forced through a weak part of the outer disc resulting in back pain or nerve irritation.

Some of these problems can be attributed to aging: the spine has no true blood supply after the age of 12. Instead the movement of the vertebrae act as a pump to bring food/nutrients in and take the waste out. This is another reason why you need a normal range of motion, the health of your spine depends on it, you overall health as well.

Spinal disc problems can be treated with Spinal Decompression or TENS devices. A TENS device is a small mechanism used for at home pain relief. It provides electrical muscle stimulation and can be used to enhance Spinal Decompression or Traction as a treatment for disc problems.

If your symptoms lead you to suspect that you are suffering from spinal disc problems please feel free to contact Valentine Chiropractic.


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