Do You Have Back Pain?

Being chiropractors we see a lot of patients with back pain. Often the causes of their back pain is organic in nature: something else is going on, ie. over use, nerve involvement, muscle strain.

People who experience back pain often see their medical doctor first. This generally leads to the prescription of muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory drugs, even strong narcotic pain killers. That only masks the symptoms. There are deeper causes at work here. Like a cavity that’s developing in your tooth, the pain is a warning signal, a sign that something is not right. If the symptoms are masked how do you know that a problem exists? We insist on a different approach: the root causes must be identified and dealt with if your back pain is to be eliminated.

We need to differentiate whether the problem is a nerve or a muscle. The symptoms of a pinched nerve can vary from a dull achey pain, cramping, burning, numbness or a nagging, chronic pain.Sometimes the pain manifests only with movement such as getting up after lying down.

Most people don’t realize that the supportive muscles of the back are only 3/4″ long. These many, small muscles represent many small opportunities for strains, cramping or spasms.

Why do back pain or spinal problems develop in the first place? Many people think that being overweight or out of shape condemns them to back problems: this is not necessarily true. Both research and our professional experience have shown us that some people lose weight and STILL have back pain and ongoing back problems. What, then, could be the cause of their back pain? Many times the cause chronic back pain is trauma: early childhood falls, old athletic injuries, household accidents, car accidents, workplace injuries. Many times these earlier traumas cause the body to compensate in some way in an attempt to overcome the injured part. These chronic, acute and recurring conditions can lead to ER visits when they become severe. Our goal, as always, is to identify the root causes and treat them to give you back your function and quality of life.

Lower Back Pain

Many times neck, mid-back and lower back pains can have the same general causes: lifting wrong, snow skiing or snowboarding accident, falls at any age, working at a computer and auto accidents. Because of the popularity of extreme sports we are seeing more back pain in younger patients, back injuries that are severe enough to show up in X-rays. We take standing/weight-bearing X-rays because they allow us to see the spine “in use”. When trying to determine the cause of your back pain we look at your spine like an engineer would “Why does this weakness exist?” because we know that weakness equals pain.

Again using a dental analogy, it’s like teeth with bad dental problems: mis-aligned spinal bones leads to bad posture that will cause pain, it’s only a matter of time. Parents with children need to be especially vigilant about back pain because many kids are carrying back packs that are TOO heavy. A child’s back pack should be no more than 10% of their body weight and they should be properly adjusted, not worn too low.

Curvature of the spine is known as Scoliosis. School nurses are expected to detect this during huge blanket screenings at grade schools. This is a missed opportunity because the underfunded, understaffed nurses are expected to screen accurately hundreds of children.

If you have a child that you would like examined or are a new patient we are offering an X-ray exam at a reduced rate of $69.95. Call us today to make an appointment.

If you are experiencing Lower Back Pain please feel free to contact Valentine Chiropractic.

Back Pain Relief

When patients come to us for relief from back pain they often experience immediate relief because, for the very first time, the root causes of their back pain are being addressed. Acute injuries, which have occured within the last 3 months, respond better than chronic injuries, which have existed for 6 months or more.

If you are in need of Back Pain Relief please feel free to contact Valentine Chiropractic.

Back Pain Treatment

The first course of action is to identify the mis-alignments and then make adjustments to them. We vary the adjustments according to age, conditions and severity of the back pain being experienced. Some people are afraid because they don’t know what to expect, and rightly so. We don’t pop or crack your back, won’t twist or hurt you in any way. People are afraid of getting worse before they get better or being a chiropractic patient forever. This is not the way in which we work. Please contact us at 714-964-9566 for more information regarding Spinal Decompression.

There is a fair amount of confusion about where to turn when experiencing back pain: What is the best treatment? Is it Acupuncture? Is it Physical Therapy? The problem is that these will NOT deal with the underlying causes and won’t help you with the stretching and strengthening your back needs in order to be pain-free. Chiropractors are trained experts in exactly these treatments.

Only chiropractors take X-rays to really identify the root causes. We go further to rule out infection, dislocation and broken bones as the cause of your back pain. We dive into your spinal alignment problems like a structural engineer working on a bridge designed to last 100 years or more.

We treat your back pain with postural correction, correction of mis-alignments (subluxation). Only chiropractors are qualified to detect and treat all of this. Additionally, we may prescribe adjunctive E-stim or traction/decompression therapy or exercise or deep tissue massage to break up chronic muscle tightness and allow your back to heal.

We have years of experience in bringing people relief from back pain. You will be treated by us, Dr. Leonard and Dr. Michael, not by an associate. We are constantly consulting amongst ourselves regarding our patients and their treatments.

If you are experiencing Back Pain please feel free to contact Valentine Chiropractic in Fountain Valley CA.


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